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Michelle Leigh Band

Stewart "Doc" Dalrymple

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As far back as he can remember, Stewart "Doc" Dalrymple has had an intense love for music of all genres. He is a multi-talented musician, well versed in guitar and keyboard, but his love and his craft is the Bass. Stewart has an honorary doctorate in music and is a very well respected player on the birthplace of Southern Rock scene in it's birthplace of Middleburg and Jacksonville, Florida. Ever so humble, Stewart has shared the stage with many local and regional bands, including Dippin' Skinny, Timbertown and the Curt Towne Band-some of Southern Rocks finest musicians. His love for music has carried him through the high times and low times in his life. In his own words, Stewart expresses just that- "I love performing music of all genres. Music brings people together and soothes the soul in the darkest hour. Because of music I have met some very amazing people. Without it, life would be dull and very boring."


Tim "Painter" Hawkins

Tim "Painter" Hawkins   Tim born Oct 14 1965 in Asheville North Carolina but grew up on many military Air Force bases around the country. One night when he was 10 he stayed up late and saw Buddy Rich on the Tonight Show. It was then he knew he wanted to be a drummer. He loves many genres of music and strives to give the same performance to an audience of 5 or 5000. He is a new addition to The Michelle Leigh Band but feels right at home thanks to her and the extraordinary people and musicians she surrounds herself with!

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